To respect or disrespect

I’ve heard people say, “I don’t have to give them respect they are in my house…” This is so absurd for a person to feel but as I watch some people I realize that there are actually a lot of people that feel this way, they just don’t speak that thought/feeling out loud although it shows in their actions.

I remember the first time I heard someone actually say this and I inserted myself into the conversation and let them know that regardless of where a person is you should show respect if you expect to get respect. To just think that you can treat people badly and show no respect because they are in your house actually just shows your true colors and you can not get mad when the people you disrespect for no reason treat you the same or plain out ignore you and have nothing else to do with you.

Sooo….you invited them into your home saying that you wanted to help but then made sure that everything was uncomfortable. Why did you offer this help in the first place? OOHHHH…to gloat and be nosey…OKAY…I get it, it all makes sense now. If someone has fell on hard times and lost their home and you invite them to stay in  your home to try to help them then you should not feel like you can be rude to them just because it is your house. Yes, it’s your place and you should have your rules and boundaries in place without question and the person staying should respect that, but with all that aside, don’t invite them in if you didn’t really want to help in the first place. Don’t offer them to stay and all you will do is act miserable and make sure that it is the most uncomfortable stay they ever had. They don’t need you to make it uncomfortable because if they are a person that has always taken care of themselves and their responsibilities they are already uncomfortable just needing this help.

In the other sense of this topic: don’t invite people over as company if you just want to put them down, treat them wrong and make them feel like they aren’t welcomed when you asked them to be there in the first place. You can not get mad and act like the other person is  the worst ever, just plain nasty acting or crazy just because they stood up for themselves while you were being disrespectful. Your home or not, no matter where a person is, they have right to stand for themselves and not allow you to disrespect them or continue to be around.


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