Trucks, cars and the Road

Being on the road everyday all day really lets you see a lot of things that are very disturbing and you can clearly see why there are way more accidents and road rage incidents than what is necessary. This subject is so open and needs so much discussion and changes to be made that it will be hard to stay focused and on one point at a time.

Let’s start with the trucks on the road. Truck drivers have a lot of responsibilities to handle that most people don’t see and are clearly not given the respect that they deserve. They don’t ‘just drive’ and it takes brain work, perception, patience, time away from family. Along with a lot of extra laws, regulations and ability to multitask because there is far more controls and things necessary to do than you have to do in a car. In a car you basically put it in gear and go (and pay attention). Trucks have many more gadgets to control and a lot more things in place to do to be able to maneuver, keep the truck moving forward on hills, down hill and ESPECIALLY STOPPING!!!

I will first say that you should show the utmost respect to these drivers because without them you would not be living the life you are living today. Without ‘truckers’ you would be sitting on the dirt of the earth and breathing. Trucks are the reason you have the things you need other than the earth and air. Without them there would be no houses to live in, no clothes to wear, no food to eat, no buildings standing to roof jobs for you, no drinks, no supplies of any type, unless of course you go out and garden, farm, hunt, cut wood, build, make fabric, sew, cook and everything else in between. There would be no stores, executive jobs, restaurants, paved roads or anything else that you take for granted day to day that gives you the convenience that you know as your life now.

When you are driving use some common sense, or for those of you that lack that, use a common thought pattern. Don’t cut trucks off, don’t just ride beside them, don’t try to hurry up and turn next to them or you’ll get crushed. Crashing into a tractor-trailer truly means that you were not paying attention at all. You should have your license revoked and made to go to some thorough driving classes. Also some mental analysis should be done to make sure that your brain functions properly as far as perception, sight, focus and ability to control your motor skills. A regular tractor-trailer is over 13feet high and at least 8feet wide so if you can’t see it there is an issue with your perception on some level. This of course is different with some trailers like flat beds or dump trailers but not by much and still so large that if you miss it there’s a problem going on with you.

If you are behind a truck and you know that your turn, exit, ramp, destination ect. is right there do NOT race to jump in front of the truck to just suddenly cut the driver off to get there. Stay behind the truck till you get there, is it really worth losing your car, your life or someone else’s because you wanted to be in front? The truck might have to slow down more and take a few more seconds to catch up speed but it is just that SECONDS, you can always pass when it’s safer.

People have the mind frame of thinking trucks are slow so they don’t want to wait for them or be behind them so they cut them short to just be in front and it is dangerous EVERYTIME!!! Trucks have a motor just like you but it is heavier and stronger. They are on the highway and go just the same speed. They may start slower by a few seconds because they are heavy but remember that means that they also stop slower. The stopping time for a fully loaded 80,000lb (40ton) truck takes the length of a football field to stop. (CRUSHED) Somewhat slow to start but even slower to stop but not slow on the go…SO JUST DON’T DO IT!!!

One of the dumbest things to do is make it a point to jump in front of the truck and then slow down…WHY?!?!?! What is your point REALLY? If you want to go slow stay back, eventually the truck will be farther away , but jumping in front may cause you to get CRUSHED!!! The same scenario when you want to change lanes, merge or whatever you need to do. Why is it that cars choose to wait to jump in front of the trucks? You are safer jumping in front of a car and cutting them off because if they hit you then your car AND you have more of a chance of surviving or less damage (depending on speed).

Over 90% of accidents involving Tractor-trailers is caused by a car.

to be continued…



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